Cape Cod Tourism

New England is a beautiful part of the country. There are beaches, natural flora, and plenty of interesting animals to see. If you have never been to Cape Cod, it is an experience that you need to make sure you take soon. There are so many things to do and the tourism industry has certainly grown over the past few years. Christopher Manning of Cape Cod has made a home there and started his own hospitality company to encourage greater numbers to come and visit the beautiful area that he loves.

There are many things to do in this quaint little peninsula in Massachusetts. If you are a fan of seafood, this is one of the best places to get fresh lobster, oysters, and more. There are many restaurants that serve some of the best dishes you can find anywhere else in the world. If you want the true taste of New England, you will get it here.

Besides food, if you love old buildings or even lighthouses, there are plenty for you to look at here. Summer is one of the most popular times for people to visit, and with wonderful weather, you can take tours of all the beautiful landscapes and buildings.

Perhaps you love beaches instead. Do not worry. Cape Cod has a number of great beaches you can visit with your family or just on your own. You can soak up the sun, eat fresh seafood, and just relax. This will be a vacation that you will not soon forget.

The Duties of a Hotel Manager

Running your own hotel brings with it a few jobs that you may not have been aware of in the beginning. It is not just simply directing people what to do. There are a lot of interwoven jobs that you have to master as a hotel manager so your hotel continues to run smoothly and stays lucrative. Christopher Manning of Cape Cod knows all about this. He runs his own hotel company with a chain of hotels, and therefore, he knows all the jobs you have to do in order to be a hotel manager.
One such job of the hotel manager is to simply make sure that the hotel runs on a day to day basis. This can mean doing things like planning and coordinating staff schedules, making sure any restaurants or catering is running properly, doing the books, and even dabbling in the marketing and promotions for the hotel. These things are major jobs that cannot necessarily be delegated to anyone else. They fall into the hands of the manager.

The hotel manager is also responsible for hiring, training, and firing of any staff. They have to know that they are hiring competent people to run the place on a daily basis, and if they have people who are not qualified, it reflects badly on them. Some people may think that a hotel manager just sits in an office and does nothing throughout the day, but that is simply untrue. They are the glue that holds the place together, and they are what make the hotel run every hour of every day.

Take Hotel Management Above and Beyond

Managing a hotel is hard work that takes all of your efforts to ensure that your guests, your staff, and your company are all happy. You have to be able to manage several aspects of your hotel at once, delegating as necessary to ensure all tasks are completed satisfactorily. As a manager, you have to be ready for any situation and have the staff members to back you up whenever you need them. One way to take your hotel management success to a new level is to be active in your community and work to form strategic business partnerships and relationships. If you manage a hotel in a tourist hotspot, there are many businesses in your area that have the same interests as you do. Use these common objectives and goals to form relationships that will pay off later.

Not all relationships with other businesses, strategic or not, will pay immediate dividends. Sometimes the best quality to have in good business relationships is patience. Make sure you are upholding your end of the bargain and wait for the mutual benefits to trickle in. Sometimes a symbiotic relationship with a related business in the area can lead to fantastic returns for both parties over the course of many years.

Christopher Manning of Cape Cod has run many hotels in his day and continues to manage some of the hotels he owns through his company, Pylon Hospitality Management. Manning has made deals with many of the businesses in the Cape Cod area to improve the bottom lines of everyone involved.

Organization - the Key to Management

Managing any kind of business or team takes a high degree of organization and delegation skills. As a hotel manager, it’s your job to make sure all operations of your establishment run smoothly at all times. Everything from the room service to the food to the linens falls under your responsibility. You have to develop a system to organize all of your staff and your technology to work for the customer and ensure that they are always happy with your service. Organize your work to be the most efficient use of your time and create an organized system for managing employees and staff so that they understand their duties and have the resources to perform them.

When you’re in charge of any team, you have to delegate tasks in an organized manner so that all work that needs to get done gets completed when it needs to be. Managing an organized work schedule is one of the crucial ways that hotel managers keep track of all their responsibilities. When you start losing the ability to track everyone’s schedules, for example, your employees could start to get confused about their work hours and their duties when they’re at work. Keep a schedule and keep it organized to let your staff do what they’re trained to do.

Christopher Manning is a hotel owner and operator based in Cape Cod. Manning owns Pylon Hospitality Management, operating several hotels and resorts in the Cape Cod area. Manning says that organizing work for his staff is one of the most important parts of his day.

Hotel Management - Business Can Always Improve

Good hotel managers know that their operations can always improve. Good managers help their staff improve by providing performance reviews and always asking for feedback and ideas for how to improve their systems for the customers, the employees, and the management team. By involving all of your staff whenever possible, you are creating confidence and open communication, two things that are crucial to the success of your hotel. Hotel managers need their staff at their best throughout the high seasons when tourists bear down on hotels in high traffic areas for months at a time. This is when the hotel makes its money. The tourist season is also when your hotel is competing with all the other accommodations in the area for customers and revenue. Tourists have many options when they visit high traffic areas. Make sure your hotel is at the top of their list.

One way that managers can truly tell if their operations are running smoothly is to check review websites like Yelp to see how their hotel is viewed by the public. Usually, customers will write reviews if their service was exemplary or terrible. There are few in-between reviews. Some customers are unreasonable, of course, expecting services that are impossible for your hotel, but if you’re noticing commonalities in the reviews, it’s time to alert your staff and make a change.

Christopher Manning is an experienced hotel manager living and working in Cape Cod. Manning is the owner of the hotel group Pylon Hospitality Management. Manning strives to be in tune with the needs of his customers and his employees.

The Skills of a Hotel Manager

Christopher Manning of Cape Cod is the owner and operator of Pylon Hospitality Management, an accommodation company that focuses on providing tourists and residents of the Cape Cod area excellent lodging options in some of the best locations in the region. Manning is a proud graduate of the University of Oklahoma, where he majored in Economics, a choice that left him fully prepared to run his own hotel business.

Hotel Managers have seen their responsibilities increase in recent years as customer expectations have shifted over the past twenty years. Today, customers expect to be able to reserve their rooms online and be checked in quickly with as little technical difficulty as possible. In the digital age, hotel managers have to use the same systems that their customers expect to use when they book hotels. Managers have the capabilities today to oversee almost all aspects of hotel management, which leads to increased workloads and responsibilities.

Hotel managers today have to be extremely well organized to keep track of staffing, employee needs, reservations, and other operations in their hotel. They also have to be able to interact directly with customers on an as-needed basis. They have to have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to solve customer service issues satisfactorily. The management team of a hotel is responsible for the overall smoothness of the operations at the hotel in addition to managing a team of workers that make the hotel clean and friendly for all guests from all over the world. Hotel managers should be able to delegate some of their responsibilities if they have developed a capable and competent team around them.

Christopher Manning of Cape Cod has been a hotel manager and owner for decades in the Cape Cod area. Throughout his career, he has shown the kind of business sense and organizational skill necessary for an excellent hotel manager. Manning is the owner of Pylon Hospitality Management, a hotel ownership company in charge of several hotels in the Cape Cod area.